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Funding is now available for to help support local voluntary and community organisations that are helping vulnerable people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Grants of up to £5,000 are now available to ease the immediate difficulties communities are facing and to support their recovery over the coming weeks and months. Litton Cheney Parish Council is eligible to apply for grants so, if your organisation is in need of support, please contact the Parish Clerk at:
Dorset Coronavirus Community Fund
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Guidance for businesses coming out of lockdown Guidance for businesses is available on our Covid-19 webpages. These are being continuously updated to keep you and your business informed as the restrictions gradually lift. You will find a range of regulatory guidance to clarify requirements on topics such as: What can open and when Keeping staff and customers safe Licences Take-away food Waste Officers from various services are working together to find answers and solutions for local businesses to enable them to reopen safely and legally. If you have a question regarding regulatory matters affecting your business and the reopening of Dorset high streets safely please email us.
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Test and Trace workplace guidance The guidance on the NHS test and trace service for employers has today (15 June) been updated. If there is more than one case of coronavirus associated with a workplace, employers should contact their local health protection team to report the suspected outbreak. A link to a tool that identifies the relevant local health protection team has been included in the guidance
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Public Health update on COVID-19 cases in Dorset Cases of COVID-19 remain low in Dorset but are showing an increase. Between 9 and 15 September, there were 17 confirmed positive cases in the Dorset Council area. It's more important than ever to keep washing our hands, wear a face covering in enclosed spaces and to keep 2 metres away from other people. .
Returning From holiday? Be aware that you may have to self-isolate for 14 days on your return home from some countries (now including Guadeloupe and Slovenia from 4am Saturday 19 September). Gov UK has a list of countries where you will have to self-isolate on your return to the UK.
What to do if you feel unwell, or live with someone who is unwell Get a test now and don't leave home for at least 10 days if you have either: A high temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or back A new, continuous cough – this means you've started coughing repeatedly Loss or change in sense or smell or taste You can find more information and advice about COVID-19 on the NHS website. The page is being updated regularly and is the best place to go for the latest health information.
Update on schools We're working closely with Public Health Dorset and all schools to safely manage any Coronavirus cases that occur. It's really important to maintain social disatancing when dropping off and collecting your children from school, don't congregate around the school gates.
Don't miss the deadline to apply for your child's school place Is your child due to start Secondary or Upper school in September 2021? You need to apply by 31 October 2020 for the best chance of getting a place at their preferred school.
Do your bit to prevent the spread of COVID As more local lockdowns are now in place across England, particularly in the north, we are keen to avoid this happening here in Dorset. Please do your bit and stay alert to prevent the spread of COVID-19
Remember you must not meet in a group of more than 6, indoors or outdoors. This is against the law, the police can enforce this and issue fines.
Have you been asked to self-isolate? If you're self-isolating or in quarantine, then a negative test result does not mean you can end isolation early, even if you feel well. You must complete your isolation period as you could still develop symptoms.
Planning application for multi-storey car park at Dorset County Hospital approved Councillors voted to support the application, deciding that the harm to local heritage and landscape is significantly outweighed by the social and economic benefits of the proposed car park at Dorset’s County Hospital.
Libraries restart reservation system, charges and hire feels also returning After the service was suspended in the wake of Covid-19 restrictions, we're very pleased to be able to reintroduce reservations at libraries across the county.
Does your child qualify for free school meals? With the coronavirus pandemic having a huge effect on employment, it is expected that more families will be eligible to claim for free school meals.
Report from the consultation of dogs in open spaces is published The consultation gathered views from residents, visitors, businesses and other organisations about a dog-related Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) across the Dorset Council area.
Planning convergence and transformation We're reaching a key point in our project to transform our planning system.