Litton Cheney Parish Council

Community Bench Fund Policy


1. Purpose and Scope


At its meeting of 14 September, Litton Cheney Parish Council formally agreed to create a Community Bench Fund Litton Cheney Parish Council and undertook to manage and regulate the process.




2.1 Community benches must be located within the Civil Parish

2.2 Proposed locations must be accessible, such as adjacent to public footpaths. 

2.3 Benches must have written permission from the landowner.

2.4 When considering possible locations, the Parish Council will consider the views of the community and take into account any overriding considerations against such as public nuisance, litter or environmental issues.

2.5 Contributions to the memorial bench fund can be made by bank transfer, cheque or cash. Receipts will be reported at Parish Council meetings (anonymised unless the donor requests otherwise) and recorded in the minutes.

2.6 Contributions will be held within a ring-fenced account.  The RFO will maintain itemised records of income, sources of that income and expenditure.  Should the Parish Council decide to end the scheme, any remaining unspent funds will be refunded to the original donor or redirected in accordance with donors’ wishes.  Ring-fenced funds cannot be used for any purpose other than purchasing or maintaining benches without the explicit permission of donors and formal decision of the Parish Council. 

2.14 The Parish Council will keep a record of donors and their contact details in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. It is the responsibility of the donor to provide the Clerk with updated details in writing. Failure to do so could lead to your bench being removed without further notice.

2.7 No Parish Council funds will be used to purchase community benches unless a proposal to do so is publicised prior to and subsequently agreed at a Parish Council Meeting

2.8 Type of bench Benches will be purchased by the Parish Council to ensure suitability for general public use.

2.9 Any donor wishing to dedicate a bench would need to pay the full cost of the bench plus any additional costs (such as installation costs).  At the end of the bench’s life, any memorial plaques will be returned to the donor of disposed of if contact cannot be made.

2.10 The Parish Council retains the right to re-site a bench should this become necessary

2.11 The Parish Council will undertake an annual assessment of all benches and reserves the right to remove any bench that is no longer considered safe and fit for purpose

2.12 Wherever possible, the Parish Council will work with donors to resolve any issues with regard to existing benches, however the Parish Council accepts no liability for damage to benches by a third party and will not be liable for relocation of benches should the landowner decide to rescind the permission to host benches on their property.


Adopted: 14 September 2021